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The AcuVide™ Commercial Immersion Circulator is the Tool You Need Right Now

As restaurateurs worldwide are discovering, sous-vide preparation can restore sanity to their kitchens in stressful times.

Sous vide techniques, along with other methods, “offer consistent levels of performance while simplifying cooking processes, allowing for smaller kitchens, and requiring less staff,” writes Jean-Michel Dixte, global vice president for food & beverage for Dusit International. 

Not only that, but vacuum-sealing and sous vide prep can help manage rising food costs and unpredictable swings in demand, operators have found. The only hurdle is investing in the equipment — and that’s where Hamilton Beach Commercial can help. The AcuVide™1000 immersion circulator is, quite simply, a commercial immersion circulator that offers chefs a full suite of high value features for a lower investment than the competitors .


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