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Power Up: The BigRig™ Family of Commercial Immersion Blenders

Do you love — we mean really love — your immersion blender?

An immersion blender is the rare piece of kitchen equipment that’s lightweight, versatile and supremely easy to put into action.

If you don’t have a heavy-duty immersion blender in your restaurant kitchen, then it’s time to consider it. Hamilton Beach Commercial recently introduced the BigRig family of commercial immersion blenders, the ultimate utility player for your foodservice business.

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Year-End Recap: Top 5 Posts for 2020 from the HBC Food Blog

Continuing with our recap series, here are the top blog posts from the Food blog for 2020. These posts got the most views, regardless of when they were published. You will only see one of our Foodservice Hero Profiles listed here, but we profiled 10 different people in the foodservice industry who were nominated for recognition by their peers. You can see more of them by visiting the HBC Food blog

Read on...and if you see content you like, be sure to join the HBC Community for regular updates, whether it's Beverage, Food, Hospitality or Recipes.

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2021 Food Trends: What Will We Eat Next?

Predicting the next big flavor trends has long been foodies’ favorite sport. In 2019 it was celery juice and milk tea; in 2018, it was charcoal ice cream and artisan pickles. But then, well you know, 2020 happened.

This year, restaurant operators may not be inclined to experiment with novel spice blends or exotic vegetables. But they still want to surprise and delight pandemic-weary customers, so it’s worth paying attention to the trends. Here’s a small taste of what we might be tasting in 2021.

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How to Entice Customers to Order Dessert To Go

Did you hear about the Prague café that turned the coronavirus into a confection? Baker Olga Budnik created a treat that looks exactly like the notorious virus: a baked chocolate sphere with a pistachio and raspberry filling and “spikes” crafted from white chocolate and dried raspberries. It’s been a huge hit, she reports.

If there ever was a time when the world needed dessert, it’s now. About 23% of American diners miss ordering dessert at restaurants, a DoorDash survey found. What are the secrets to success with takeout desserts? Here’s what we’re seeing.

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Practical Lessons From Restaurants That Have Increased Sales In 2020

Portable. Affordable. Familiar.

Those may be the three magic words that describe what diners are looking for right now, according to a recent National Public Radio story on restaurants that are doing well in the downturn. Burritos, pizza, wings — comforting food that adapts well to a takeout or delivery model.

But food isn’t the only factor. Technology, marketing, trends and operations all can help restaurants defy the odds and have a profitable year. Here are a few strategies that can be effective.

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Five Ways to Make the Most of a Ghost Kitchen

Is a restaurant still a restaurant without tables, servers or diners?

It definitely is now. More than half of U.S. operators have turned to ghost kitchens for some or all of their delivery orders, research by Technomic and the National Restaurant Association reveals. Before the pandemic, just 15% used a ghost kitchen — that is, a commercial kitchen that only makes food for delivery and/or takeout.

A ghost kitchen (or dark kitchen, or virtual kitchen) can boost a burgeoning delivery business, increase profit margins, cut staffing costs and help see restaurants through a slump in in-person dining. But the prospect of paying a lot for a brand-new facility may give restaurateurs pause.

Here’s the good news: You don’t have to start from scratch! Here are five ways to use the ghost-kitchen model that require minimal investment up front.

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Foodservice Hero Profile - Jason White - Lincolnwood, IL


Today we are highlighting the work of Jason White, Executive Chef at Food For Thought, and his team. Food for Thought (@fftchicago) is a catering company based in Lincolnwood, Illinois. 

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Foodservice Hero Profile - Eric Vogel - St. Louis, MO


Today we are highlighting the work of Eric Vogel, owner of local Walnut Grill locations in St. Louis, as our foodservice hero.

The Walnut Grill has opened a new location, and will be donating 100 box lunches to front-line workers at hospitals near its restaurant locations.

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The AcuVide™ Commercial Immersion Circulator is the Tool You Need Right Now

As restaurateurs worldwide are discovering, sous-vide preparation can restore sanity to their kitchens in stressful times.

Sous vide techniques, along with other methods, “offer consistent levels of performance while simplifying cooking processes, allowing for smaller kitchens, and requiring less staff,” writes Jean-Michel Dixte, global vice president for food & beverage for Dusit International. 

Not only that, but vacuum-sealing and sous vide prep can help manage rising food costs and unpredictable swings in demand, operators have found. The only hurdle is investing in the equipment — and that’s where Hamilton Beach Commercial can help. The AcuVide™1000 immersion circulator is, quite simply, a commercial immersion circulator that offers chefs a full suite of high value features for a lower investment than the competitors .


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Foodservice Hero Profile - Earl Handy - Burlington, VT


Today, we are sending a shout out to business owner and foodservice hero Earl Handy.

Earl Handy is the 3rd generation owner of Handy's Lunch (@handyslunch) which has been a landmark in the Burlington, Vermont community for over 75 years.

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