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How Kitchen Equipment Upgrades Can Ease the Restaurant Hiring Shortage

Just when American restaurant operators were thinking about expanding, they’re getting squeezed by a hiring crisis.

All across the country, operators are finding it difficult to hire enough seasoned servers, hosts, bartenders, cooks and dishwashers. “Some analysts blamed an economic recovery that isn’t as strong as it seems, but others have blamed powerful forces such as ongoing health fears and robust unemployment insurance for keeping people from seeking jobs in the service sector,” the Washington Post reports.

Caterer Olive Chase, owner of The Casual Gourmet, told NPR she’s had to turn down weddings because she doesn’t have enough staff. "Right at the moment when things could get really good,” she said, “you have something else that's going to hold you back."

If staffing is holding you back, your equipment can help you move forward. How can Hamilton Beach Commercial help?

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