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Modified Atmosphere Packaging with the PrimaVac™ Chamber Sealer

We tend to think of oxygen as a beneficial gas. Plants make it, we breathe it, it’s great — right? The problem is, oxygen is also a powerful agent in the food spoilage process.

When oxygen is the enemy, other gases are your ally in food preservation. Introducing inert gases to food packaging after vacuum sealing can keep food looking better and tasting fresher longer.

Until now, gas flushing has been available only on the most expensive models of commercial grade vacuum sealer. We wanted to put this versatile tool in the hands of more chefs, so we made Gas Flush standard on the PrimaVac™ 406 In-Chamber Vacuum Sealer. 

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Why Soft Air Comes Standard on the PrimaVac™ Chamber Sealer

If you’ve ever used a chamber vacuum sealer, you know the process is dramatic. Place a plastic pouch containing food — a nice filet, we’ll say — inside the chamber. Start the cycle and air is removed from the chamber. At the end of the cycle, when air re-enters the chamber, the sealed pouch shrinks around the filet. The result: it stays fresh and looks good for longer.

But what happens when a chef seals delicate, fragile or sharp-edged foods? Will they be crushed, or puncture the pouch? Not if you have adjustable Soft Air.

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Topics: Featured, PrimaVac, chamber sealer, commercial vacuum sealer, commercial grade vacuum sealer, soft air

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