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How to Boost Service Speed with a Commercial Rice Warmer and Rice Cooker

When you first opened your Malaysian café, business was slow. Then the five-star reviews started stacking up, and customers flooded in. Every night, you’re routinely dishing out hundreds of servings of fried rice, coconut rice, and plain jasmine rice.

Time to buy another rice cooker—right?

No. You need a commercial rice warmer instead.

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8 Tips for Optimizing Space in a Restaurant Kitchen

“I have way too much space!” — said no professional chef, ever.

There’s a reason for that: In a commercial kitchen, every bit of space needs to earn its keep. So whether you’re starting with 75 square feet or 750, you don’t want an inch to be wasted. You can’t afford for equipment to sit idle, but you also need to make sure you have the right tools for every job.

What’s the solution? We have some strategies to making the most of your equipment and space to maximize efficiency in any kitchen, no matter the size.

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Topics: commercial kitchen design, commercial kitchen equipment

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