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JetAire™ Power: The Secret Inside the PrimaVac™ Chamber Sealer

10:21 AM on March 6, 2018


One of the coolest components of the new PrimaVac™ commercial vacuum sealer line is the JetAire™ rotary vane pump inside.

But why should you care about what’s inside a chamber sealer? You just want it to work. 

Exactly. We know that in a busy kitchen, there’s only one time the kitchen staff are thinking about the inner workings of their equipment: when something breaks. That’s why we designed the  JetAire™ pump to be incredibly durable, reliably powerful, and easy to maintain.

 A quick intro to the PrimaVac™ commercial vacuum sealer

Chamber vacuum sealers were once specialized equipment, found in only a few restaurant kitchens. Now, chefs have discovered the tremendous versatility of a chamber sealer for applications as wide-ranging as extending the shelf life of food, sous-vide cooking, rapid curing and marinating, compressing and infusing fruit, and even removing the air from whisked sauces.

Until now, restaurant operators have really had only two choices when buying a commercial-grade chamber sealer. There were the cheaply-made sealers that can’t stand up to heavy restaurant use; and there were the precision-crafted European models with ridiculous price tags. There’s got to be a better option, we thought — so we created one.

The three chamber sealer models in the PrimaVac™ line are engineered to meet Hamilton Beach Commercial’s high standards for durability and performance, but the cost is well below comparable European products. One of the secrets is the JetAire™ pump inside.



Why does the pump matter so much for a commercial chamber sealer? 

A hot, humid restaurant kitchen is one of the toughest environments for any piece of equipment. That’s doubly true for a chamber vacuum sealer, because moisture is constantly passing through the pump as air is removed from the chamber. A cheap, low-quality dry pump will soon fail in these conditions as parts wear out. 

The JetAire™ pump is a rotary vane pump, meaning it has a spinning rotor that removes air from the chamber. It’s efficient, removing 99.9 percent of air from the chamber in each 10- to 60-second cycle, and it’s faster than competitors’ models. Most importantly, we’ve built it to last, and last, and last. The JetAire™ pump has been tested rigorously to deliver optimum performance for 34,000 cycles, and we expect it to keep going long after that.  


How we made maintenance easy for the JetAire™ pump

Nothing runs perfectly forever without performing some minor maintenance. Just like your car engine, the JetAire™ pump needs occasional oil changes to enable optimal performance. Because we know your kitchen staff are more focused on getting their mise done than tending the vacuum sealer, we made the PrimaVac™ line supremely easy to maintain.


  1. The JetAire™ pump is self-cleaning. If it’s been sitting idle for 24 hours or more, or if the chamber sealer has been processing a lot of moisture, run the preprogrammed oil reconditioning cycle. The pump will automatically run for 15 one-minute cycles, circulating all the oil in the pump and filtering out moisture and impurities.


  1. The PrimaVac™ chamber sealer will remind you when it needs an oil change with its indicator light. A viewing window also allows chefs to check the color of the oil inside. If the color is dark, it’s time for a change.


  1. Maintenance is swift and simple. It takes 10 minutes or less to drain and replace the oil, using the included toolkit. You won’t have to do it often — PrimaVac™ in-chamber vacuum sealers typically run 30,000 cycles without needing an oil change.

Because we believe in the power and durability of the JetAire™ pump, we offer a three-year warranty on the PrimaVac™ chamber sealer (two years of Global Care, plus an additional year when you register the product). Ask your Hamilton Beach Commercial representative which model is the best fit for your business.



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