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ICYMI - Top 6 Most-Read HBC Blog Posts for December 2018

9:51 AM on January 3, 2019

Not to be confused with the most-read lists you've been seeing from us for the past few weeks, this post recaps the top 6 for the month of December 2018 exclusively.  Smoothie_w_halo

Why "Top 6" you ask? Kahlua Colada continues to be up there for views...so now we are including a "Top 6" to allow for a little more variety.

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In order of views from highest to lowest, our Top 6 for December 2018:

  1. The surprising history of the milkshake
  2. How to Make Delicious Smoothies Without Fruit
  3. So Cold They're Hot: Eight Frozen Cocktails for the Winter Months
  4. Kahlua Colada (see?!)
  5. Secrets of the $28 Smoothie  (pictured)
  6. The Sustainability Strategies of Green Hotels

Keep your eyes peeled for more great recipes, best practices and success stories from HBC. We'd also love to hear from you if you have any topic suggestions. Please free free to submit them here


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