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Introducing the MixStation™: The Evolution of Milkshake and Frozen Treat Blending

Making a great ice cream treat means making a mess.

When you’re adding delicious mix-ins and blending them thoroughly, splatters, fragments and crumbs end up everywhere. The time lost to cleaning can’t be helped. Or can it?

The new MixStation  from Hamilton Beach Commercial changes the game. Not only does it speedily deliver consistently mixed frozen desserts, but its smart design cuts your cleaning time. In short, we took everything our customers love about the Mix ‘n Chill and made it better.

Want to see the MixStation in action? Schedule a demo today! Or read on to learn more.

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The Rise of Absolutely Over-the-Top Crazy Milkshakes

Plain chocolate or vanilla? So passé. We’d like a milkshake garnished with cookie crumbs, hot fudge, rainbow sprinkles, an entire brownie and one perfectly toasted marshmallow, please. If you think that sounds decadent, you should see what else restaurants are cramming into their shakes. Are you ready to invent a crazy milkshake of your own?

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The "Last Luncheonette": Lexington Candy Shop's Timeless Appeal

There's something special about the 91-year-old Lexington Candy Shop, a humble luncheonette on the Upper East Side at the corner of 83rd Street and Lexington Avenue. Maybe it's the vintage decor: neon signs, a chrome-accented counter and signed celebrity photos. Maybe it's the 1940 Hamilton Beach milkshake mixer, admired by generations of customers. Or it could be the fact that Lexington Candy Shop still belongs to the family that opened it in 1925. 

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From luxury to casual, boozy milkshakes are making the rounds

A sidekick of the comfort food trend, boozy milkshakes are appearing across a broad range of bars and restaurants, from posh clubs to burger chains. The Powder Room in Hollywood, California, offers the Velvet Goldmine, a $500 concoction made with dark chocolate ganache, cognac, English lavender split black bean Tahitian vanilla ice cream and chocolate caramel fudge, topped with fresh whipped cream and edible 23 carat gold flakes. It includes a Swarovski Crystal Nirvana ring for every customer.

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