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Origin myths of the mojito

There are several stories surrounding the birth of the mojito. One of the most colorful says the drink was developed in the 1500s when the famed explorer Sir Francis Drake landed in Havana to sack the city of its gold. While the invasion was unsuccessful, an associate of Sir Francis Drake may have created an early version of the mojito called "El Draque."

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Drinks from the other America


Latin America has enjoyed tremendous economic growth over the past several years, led by Paraguay, Panama and Peru, which grew at rates of 11, 9 and 6 percent respectively in 2013. Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Bolivia, Brazil and Mexico have also seen their economies expand and their restaurants and bars fill up with newly affluent customers.

Ask a bar full of “norteamericanos” to name a Latin American cocktail and surely the Margarita will top the list, along with the requisite debates: frozen or on the rocks, salt or no. But go a little deeper—a little father south—and you’ll find some unique cocktails sure to win over customers. And for guests in search of gluten-free indulgences, these drinks are a boon—all are made with brandies or grain-free liqueurs. 

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