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The Tempest® Blender gets its due respect

The Tempest is finally receiving the attention it deserves. No, not Shakespeare’s incomparable play, which has been justly heralded for centuries, but the hard-working Hamilton Beach Commercial® blender by the same name. The Tempest® Blender is modestly priced for a commercial blender—so much so that it was a top pick on Consumer Reports’ 2013 list of best blenders. 

But its modest price may camouflage its true value as a commercial blender. As blogger Stana Peele points out, the Tempest “cannot be compared to other blenders due to its specially designed features.” Here are just a few of those drool-worthy attributes: a 2-speed jump cycle that provides precise and thorough blending every time, a timer with automatic shutoff that lets the user step away and tend to other tasks, patented quad-angle stainless steel cutting and mixing blades, and a temperature gauge that alerts the operator if the blender is starting to overheat.

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Topics: Blending solutions, Tempest, High Performance Blenders, Beverage, Wave Action

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