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How the World Likes Its Coffee

The Japanese enjoy coffee in cans. The Vietnamese pour it over ice with sweetened condensed milk. Ethiopians spend as long as three hours preparing coffee and serving it in a special clay pot.

However they enjoy it, everyone's drinking more of it. “Consumption is increasing as societies in India, China and Latin America continue to be westernized,” Roberio Silva, executive director of the International Coffee Organization, told the Wall Street Journal in 2015. Expect the global demand for coffee to jump 24 percent in the next five years, Silva said, from 141.6 million bags to 175.8 million bags. (A bag weighs about 132 pounds.)

Europeans, Canadians and Americans remain the world's most caffeinated people, drinking the most coffee per capita. But coffee's rapidly becoming a popular drink in nations with burgeoning populations and increasing disposable income, such as India and China. Here's a look at changing global tastes for coffee.

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The new brew: China's fast-growing coffee culture

Since discovering the delightful properties of the tea leaf some 3,000 years ago, the Chinese have made tea their national drink. It has evolved into more than just a beverage -- it's a taste experience, a ritual and an art form.

Can a paper cup of coffee ever compete?

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