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A smoothie for every type of customer

Every café, restaurant, bar and resort professional knows that although no two customers are alike, there are certain types of customers who seem to walk through the door on any given day. Why not create customized smoothies for these characters? 

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Topics: Smoothies, Branded Drinks, Beverage, Customers, Wave Action

The Tempest® Blender gets its due respect

The Tempest is finally receiving the attention it deserves. No, not Shakespeare’s incomparable play, which has been justly heralded for centuries, but the hard-working Hamilton Beach Commercial® blender by the same name. The Tempest® Blender is modestly priced for a commercial blender—so much so that it was a top pick on Consumer Reports’ 2013 list of best blenders. 

But its modest price may camouflage its true value as a commercial blender. As blogger Stana Peele points out, the Tempest “cannot be compared to other blenders due to its specially designed features.” Here are just a few of those drool-worthy attributes: a 2-speed jump cycle that provides precise and thorough blending every time, a timer with automatic shutoff that lets the user step away and tend to other tasks, patented quad-angle stainless steel cutting and mixing blades, and a temperature gauge that alerts the operator if the blender is starting to overheat.

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Topics: Blending solutions, Tempest, High Performance Blenders, Beverage, Wave Action

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