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The "Last Luncheonette": Lexington Candy Shop's Timeless Appeal

There's something special about the 91-year-old Lexington Candy Shop, a humble luncheonette on the Upper East Side at the corner of 83rd Street and Lexington Avenue. Maybe it's the vintage decor: neon signs, a chrome-accented counter and signed celebrity photos. Maybe it's the 1940 Hamilton Beach milkshake mixer, admired by generations of customers. Or it could be the fact that Lexington Candy Shop still belongs to the family that opened it in 1925. 

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Topics: Milkshakes, Customers, Drink Mixers, Restaurants

A smoothie for every type of customer

Every café, restaurant, bar and resort professional knows that although no two customers are alike, there are certain types of customers who seem to walk through the door on any given day. Why not create customized smoothies for these characters? 

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Topics: Smoothies, Branded Drinks, Beverage, Customers, Wave Action

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