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Recap - Top 5 Most-Read HBC Blog Posts for July 2022

In case you missed them, here are the Top 5 most-read posts from our four blogs for the month that just ended, July 2022.

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How to Make Cold Foam (and 7 Other Frothy Delights)

Psst. Want to see a magic trick?

In just 20 seconds, this ordinary blender will turn regular skim milk into silky, frothy cold foam. Amazing!

For our next trick, we’ll combine some raspberries and heavy cream. Voilá: indulgent, flavored whipped cream — and yet the delicate berries haven’t been smashed to pieces. How did we do it?

It’s the magic of the AirWhip frothing jar. This innovative jar harnesses the power of a Hamilton Beach Commercial high-performance blender to rapidly foam, whip and emulsify while treating delicate ingredients with care. What can it do in your kitchen?

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Topics: Featured, High Performance Blenders, cold foam, How to Make Cold Foam

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