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Sugar-free mocktails for the glycemic-conscious customer

For dieting or diabetic customers, or simply for the growing number of Americans concerned about their sugar intake, sugar-free virgin drinks offer a sweet indulgence. The key to making a mocktail taste good lies in the primary ingredients, particularly the sugar-free syrups used to make the drink taste like the real thing.

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Let them drink cake (with a kick)

The idea of a sweet digestif to round out a meal has gone into overdrive. Bartenders and chefs are teaming up to create after-dinner drinks more decadent than many selections traditionally featured on dessert menus. Whether driven by budget-conscious consumers trying to combine dessert and an after-dinner drink into one indulgence or by calorie-conscious diners believing that it’s better to drink than eat their cake, the trend is taking the sweet cocktail well beyond a simple glass of Bailey’s.

Gourmet syrups and specialty liqueurs can save time and make dessert drinks highly profitable, and sugar-free syrups are also available for lower-calorie or low-sugar dessert cocktails. Imaginative syrup flavors make it easy to serve up dessert martinis like these created by Monin.

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