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Recap: Top 5 HBC Blog Posts for June 2016

This month's Hamilton Beach® Commercial blog recap includes a familiar winner (you love your chocolate & Kahlua!) and some new posts for you to check out. If you see content you like, be sure to subscribe for regular updates from that category, whether it's Beverage, Food, Hospitality or Recipes.

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Topics: Smoothies, Millennials, Product testing, Recipes, Hospitality, Partners, Beverage Trends

ICYMI: Top 5 HBC Blog Posts for May 2016

We're introducing a new feature here on the Hamilton Beach® Commercial blog - each month we will bring you the recap of the most popular posts from the previous month. Just to be sure that you haven't missed anything.

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Topics: Smoothies, Millennials, Product testing, Recipes, Hospitality, Partners, Beverage Trends

How to make a better blender? Test it. Repeatedly.

The Test Lab at Hamilton Beach, led by mechanical engineer Arthur Hudgins, Manager Engineering Test Lab and Model Shop, is a kind of punishment chamber for food service equipment and hospitality appliances. It’s a noisy place consisting of several rooms—some piping hot, some ice cold, some dry and others tropically humid—where appliances made by Hamilton Beach and its competitors are tested for performance, safety and durability.

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Topics: Featured, Performance blenders, Durability, Product testing, Beverage, Culinary blenders

How high-performance commercial blenders get better

Blenders get better when the engineers and industrial designers who make them listen to the smoothie makers and bartenders who use them—of that there’s little doubt. But often the real advancements come about through simple, silent observation. The best engineers and industrial designers are, much like doctors, trained observers with a knack for picking up on unexpressed needs. They also tend to be performance-driven perfectionists, and many enjoy a good blended beverage.

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Topics: Research, Product testing, High Performance Blenders, Beverage, Technology, Engineering

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