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Six Things to Look for in a Commercial Blender

When shopping for commercial blenders, most restaurant operators zoom in on three numbers: horsepower, capacity, and price. Those numbers are important… but they don’t entirely address the needs of your business. To ensure you’re buying the right model, look a little closer. The best commercial blenders on the market have these six features in common.

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Do You Really Need a High-Performance Blender?

You know the old saying, “only the best will do”? For budget-conscious restaurant owners, that’s not always true. If you haven’t blended a dozen margaritas back to back since the weekend of the Parrothead convention, then you may not need to invest in the best commercial blender on the market.

Here at Hamilton Beach Commercial, our high-performance blenders are the stars of our product line. These machines are built for maximum efficiency, power and consistency. They can create a flawless drink profile in seconds, and are built to last for many years in a high-volume commercial kitchen.

But if frozen drinks and smoothies aren’t a core menu item, then you may be able to get away with a more affordable, less powerful bar blender. They’re workhorses too! Here are five things to consider when you’re making a blender buying decision. 

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Good Thinking® in Action: Endura™ Motor Technology

If you’ve ever had a high-performance blender conk out after many years of hard use, the culprit was probably the brushes.

“Brushes?” you might ask. “I didn’t know my blender had brushes.” Most people don’t, because busy restaurant operators never think about the innards of their blenders. But we do. For eight years, we’ve been thinking about how to design a better blender motor that doesn’t die when the brush wears out — and now we have it. It’s called Endura™ Motor Technology.

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