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Drink your cake

Grown-up gourmet milkshakes, some spiked and some not, are all the rage. For many adults, a milkshake is an instant trip to childhood, a comfort that can be innocent and inexpensive, like the $3.49 Birthday Cake Milk Shake from Steak’n Shake, or indulgent and decadent, like the The Powder Room’s $500 Velvet Goldmine.

Industry insiders have called the milkshake “the new cupcake,” and many creative chefs and amateurs alike are putting cupcakes into—and on top of—milkshakes. The new “cupcake milkshake,” which lets the indulger drink a milkshake (into which cake as been blended) through a straw impaled in the crowning cupcake, is really a culmination of many years of creative exploration and accompanying improvements in mixers that have made it easy to add cakes, pies, cookies, candy—just about anything—to the classic milkshake.

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Let them drink cake (with a kick)

The idea of a sweet digestif to round out a meal has gone into overdrive. Bartenders and chefs are teaming up to create after-dinner drinks more decadent than many selections traditionally featured on dessert menus. Whether driven by budget-conscious consumers trying to combine dessert and an after-dinner drink into one indulgence or by calorie-conscious diners believing that it’s better to drink than eat their cake, the trend is taking the sweet cocktail well beyond a simple glass of Bailey’s.

Gourmet syrups and specialty liqueurs can save time and make dessert drinks highly profitable, and sugar-free syrups are also available for lower-calorie or low-sugar dessert cocktails. Imaginative syrup flavors make it easy to serve up dessert martinis like these created by Monin.

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