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Which Commercial Milkshake Machine is Best for Your Business?

Cold. Creamy. Smooth. Dreamy. A classic milkshake is a pleasure that never grows old, whether it’s a simple milk-and-ice-cream blend or an elaborate tower with whipped cream, brownie bits and a cherry on top.

The secret to the perfect shake: a Hamilton Beach Commercial milkshake mixer. Every drink mixer we make is built for performance and meant to last. But which one is the right choice for you?

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Get Coffee Inspiration from Fast-Growing Coffee Chains

Growing coffee shop chains are coming up with all kinds of new ways to entice customers and build loyalty. Whether they offer a welcoming place for customers to sip a crafted coffee drink or a high-speed drive-thru for an afternoon treat, several up-and-coming coffee chains in the U.S. have created uniquely compelling reasons for customers to come in the door.

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C-Store Innovation: 3 Magic Words to Boost Your Business

What’s the one thing everyone wishes they had more of? Time.

What’s one business that promises to give you more time? Convenience stores.

As a result, we’re seeing incredible growth in the c-store industry. The global market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.6%, reaching $3.12 trillion by 2028, according to Grand View Research. To ensure your company captures a healthy piece of this pie, we have three words to guide your strategy.

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Topics: High Performance Blenders, Beverage, Convenience Stores, MixStation, Beverage Automation

Optimum Performance + Super Speed: Meet the Summit® Edge High-Performance Blender

In the last few years, the restaurant business has evolved — and so has our signature high-performance blender. The Summit® Edge High-Performance Blender, the newest addition to the Hamilton Beach Commercial beverage blender line, is more powerful, more versatile, and even easier to operate.

We invested four years in designing and engineering the new Summit Edge, then put it through rigorous testing in the field and in our lab. The result is a commercial blender you can count on to make drinks consistently creamy and customers consistently delighted.

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Topics: Blending solutions, High Performance Blenders, Summit Edge, quiet

7 Refreshing Blended Drinks that Aren’t Smoothies

If you own a Hamilton Beach Commercial beverage blender, you already know it easily creates perfectly creamy smoothies. But have you ever thought about all the other blended drinks you could be making?

Don’t let your high-performance blender sit idly on the bar or counter. Put its power to work! We have 7 ideas for some non-smoothie blended drinks to add to your menu.

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Here’s Why Your Business Needs a Bartesian Professional Cocktail Machine

The Bartesian Professional Cocktail Machine can make anyone into a great bartender.

With an intuitive interface, this sleek cocktail maker uses mixologist-crafted capsules, spirits and water to make premium cocktails in 30 seconds. Just select the desired drink strength, insert a cocktail capsule, and Bartesian Professional does the rest. It really is that easy!

Get to know Bartesian Professional and discover how this innovative cocktail machine is shaking up the world of high-end cocktails.

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Topics: Bar Tools, cocktail trends, Bartesian

Introducing the MixStation™: The Evolution of Milkshake and Frozen Treat Blending

Making a great ice cream treat means making a mess.

When you’re adding delicious mix-ins and blending them thoroughly, splatters, fragments and crumbs end up everywhere. The time lost to cleaning can’t be helped. Or can it?

The new MixStation  from Hamilton Beach Commercial changes the game. Not only does it speedily deliver consistently mixed frozen desserts, but its smart design cuts your cleaning time. In short, we took everything our customers love about the Mix ‘n Chill and made it better.

Want to see the MixStation in action? Schedule a demo today! Or read on to learn more.

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Topics: Drink Mixers, frozen treats, MixStation, heavy duty drink mixer

Kefir: The Feel-Good Fermentation Trend

Biodiversity is something you expect to find in the rainforest — not so much in a smoothie. But the diversity of beneficial microbes is what attracts consumers to kefir: a tangy, fermented and sometimes fizzy milk drink. 

While yogurt may have just two beneficial cultures, kefir can contain more than 50 strains of bacteria and yeast. This, when consumed, can increase microbial diversity and reduce inflammation in the gut. It’s also a good source of calcium, protein and minerals. Add all these benefits together, and you see why kefir is rapidly becoming a top health food trend.  

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Topics: Smoothies, smoothie, Smoothie Program, smoothie ingredients, Generation Z food preferences, smoothie trends

The Playful Cocktail Trend: Drinking Gets Fun Again

Remember when molecular mixology was the hottest (and coldest) thing in cocktails? We’re talking clouds of smoke, color changes, and scientific wizardry designed to make guests ooh and aah.

The downside? These drinks, while impressive, took themselves a little too seriously.

“Drinks are supposed to be fun. We as bartenders should be dedicated to our craft and push our limits regularly, but should always remember that we provide an experience first,” says Tyler Rothenberg, beverage director of Handcraft Kitchen & Cocktails in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

In that spirit, here’s how some top bartenders are crafting fun and playful cocktails.

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2023 Cocktail and Bar Trends to Bring Customers In

People are ready to go out, have a drink and let loose. But bars will have to compete for their attention — and their budget.

As consumers grapple with an overall higher cost of living, “enticing people out of their homes and into bars will become the number one priority for venues,” predicts Imbibe Live. Higher costs mean 40% of consumers plan to go out less frequently, CGA by Nielsen data shows, and 20% intend to cut back on the number of drinks they order.

How can bar owners get customers in the door? Entertain them, intrigue them, and delight them. That’s the theme of these bar and cocktail trends for 2023.

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