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Which Commercial Milkshake Machine is Best for Your Business?

11:00 AM on April 22, 2024

Which Commercial Milkshake Machine is Best for Your Business BlogCold. Creamy. Smooth. Dreamy. A classic milkshake is a pleasure that never grows old, whether it’s a simple milk-and-ice-cream blend or an elaborate tower with whipped cream, brownie bits and a cherry on top.

The secret to the perfect shake: a Hamilton Beach Commercial milkshake mixer. Every drink mixer we make is built for performance and meant to last. But which one is the right choice for you?

The best commercial milkshake machines for small space

For restaurants and ice cream shops with tight kitchens, Hamilton Beach Commercial offers three type of single-spindle milkshake mixers that require minimal space.

The Single-Spindle Drink Mixer is a ultra-durable, sleek and powerful milkshake machine that has been beloved by restaurant operators for more than a century. Start and stop mixing by inserting the cup into the cup guide or by using the pulse switch on top of the mixer. Three speed options and easy-to-change agitators make this mixer supremely versatile.

The Wall-Mount Single-Spindle Mixer delivers all the power of a countertop mixer while mounted securely on the wall. Plus, the sleek diecast-and-stainless housing looks good no matter where you put it! For drive-thru restaurants, the Machine-Mount Single-Spindle Mixer speeds service by attaching directly to the soft-serve machine.

Here's a kitchen secret: Restaurant pros use Hamilton Beach Commercial’s single-spindle drink mixer for much more than milkshakes. We’ve seen bartenders use it to flash cocktails. Brunch spots use it to rapidly beat eggs and mix pancake batter. What will you use it for?

Who needs a single-spindle drink mixer?

  • Independent ice-cream shops
  • Restaurants with limited kitchen/front-of-house space
  • Coffee shops and cafés that serve milkshakes occasionally
  • Bars that need a quick way to flash or mix drinks

The best commercial milkshake machines for powerful mixing

Making milkshakes isn’t as easy as it looks, especially when you add chunky, hard or dense mix-ins. When we were designing our newest drink mixer, we studied the movements of real-world operators so we could better understand the inefficiencies and frustrations they experienced with other milkshake machines.

The Hamilton Beach Commercial HMD880 MixStation Drink Mixer makes crafting complex shakes effortless. It’s powerful, with a 1/3 Hp brushless induction motor that maintains a steady speed no matter what you throw in the mix. It’s quiet, so operators can hear customers (and hear themselves think). It’s simple, with one speed and a start/stop switch. And it’s supremely easy to clean, with a magnetic splash shield that pulls off and smooth corners that are easy to wipe.

The HMD1000 MixStation Heavy-Duty Drink Mixer takes things up a notch. Its 3/4 Hp motor can power through anything. And it features both a variable speed dial to give operators maximum flexibility and pre-programmed cycles for consistent results. Have a proprietary drink-mixing program? It’s easy to upload additional programs via USB. As a bonus, you can mix milkshakes right in the serving cup.

Who needs a MixStation drink mixer?

  • Quick-service restaurants
  • Ice-cream shops that serve thick shakes with mix-ins

The best commercial milkshake machines for high-volume restaurants

When the milkshake orders are coming in fast, the Hamilton Beach Commercial Triple-Spindle Drink Mixer is up to the task. Iconic restaurants like Pie ‘N Burger in Pasadena and Lexington Candy Shop in New York City have been using the same Hamilton Beach triple-spindle milkshake mixer for 60+ years. It mixes up to three shakes at a time, back to back to back, without skipping a beat. Each 3-speed motor is individually balanced to minimize vibration. Cup-activated controls and hands-free operation empower your staff to make delicious shakes at maximum speed.

The MixStation series of drink mixers is also a top choice for high-volume service. The HMD880 mixes a soft-serve shake in 10 seconds, on average, or a shake with mix-ins in just 15 seconds. The HMD1000 is even faster: 5 seconds for soft-serve and 10 seconds for mix-ins. If your menu includes challenging mix-ins, such as large brownie chunks or jagged candy, swap in the 930 or 933 agitator for high-powered blending.

Who needs a triple-spindle or high-powered drink mixer?

  • Diners and restaurants where customers often order milkshakes
  • Busy ice-cream shops
  • Specialty milkshake shops


Explore all Hamilton Beach Commercial foodservice equipment solutions for ice cream and yogurt shops, bars and cafés, and quick-service restaurants.

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