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Test your fruit IQ

11:00 AM on October 8, 2015

Is the strawberry a fruit or a vegetable?  While many speculate that it is a fruit because it has seeds, others say that the seeds of the strawberry are fruits and the body is a vegetable. Actually the strawberry is a hybrid species known as an aggregate accessory fruit, and it's loaded with Vitamin C, folate and fiber. In North America, strawberries are plentiful—they're grown in every US state and also in Canada.


How long does it take a pineapple to reach maturity? A typical pineapple takes approximately 18 months to mature. Most of the world’s pineapples don’t come from Hawaii but rather from Thailand and the Phillipines.

What is the blueberry’s connection to Native Americans?  The fruit once referred to by Native Americans as “star berries” (because of the five points of the blueberry blossom) are indigenous to and plentiful throughout North America. They were believed to have been created by the Great Spirit to feed Native American children during times of famine. Early English settlers to the new world included them in their diet and also used them to make gray paint.

What's the most popular fruit? The banana is the most popular fresh fruit in the US but the mango is the winner worldwide. While the mango is viewed as an exotic fruit in the US, it's a staple in countries such as India, Asia, China and most of Latin America.  



If you would like to tell us more interesting facts that we can publish, drop us a note with the relevant citations so that we can confirm.  If we publish yours, we will give you credit in conjunction with the name of your bar or restaurant.  A little national or international publicity wouldn't hurt, would it?  Tell us here

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