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Make mine a mudslide

1:16 PM on November 3, 2015

 Mudslide-100116-editedThe Frozen Mudslide, a blend of ice cream, Kahlua, Bailey's and vodka, has been called the adult milkshake. The Frozen Mudslide got its start in the 1950s at The Wreck Bar and Grill on the north coast of Grand Cayman Island, where the bar still stands. It was a bartender known as Old Judd who is credited with creating the mudslide, and it is still the island's signature drink. Locals who enjoyed the mudslide first spread the word about the drink and visitors took the recipe back to homes located throughout the world. Strangely enough, the drink didn't become popular in the US until the 1980s.


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Topics: Drink trivia, History, Beverage

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