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Coconut Margarita Milkshake

Our creative partners at Monin® have added to their margarita milkshake repertoire by adding a coconut twist. Include this with their Habanero Peach Margarita Milkshake to start capitalizing on the boozy milkshakes trend.

Add it to your menu today and tweet us your pics at @HBC_Community!

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Topics: Frozen Drinks, Margarita, coconut, high performance commercial blenders

Frozen Chocolate Covered Coconut

Luscious and creamy, this recipe for a cold bonbon of a beverage from our partner Monin is a great way to add a new sweet treat to your menu.

Add Frozen Chocolate Covered Coconut to your beverage options today and tweet us your pics at @HBC_Community!

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Topics: Frozen Drinks, cream, coconut, chocolate syrup, high performance commercial blenders

No-Bake Peanut Butter Energy Bites

This snack was a big hit at NAFEM last week in Orlando - if you didn't make it to the show (or missed it while you were there), check out the recipe below.

Packed with plant-based protein, these bites are perfect for your customers when they need a quick energy boost on the go.

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Topics: Food, chocolate, peanut butter, coconut, no-bake

Coconut Cold Brew Frappe

Our partners at Kerry have developed a delicious, refreshing drink that pulls together two popular flavors -- cold brew coffee and coconut.

Give it a try and tweet us your pics at @HBC_Community!



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Topics: Recipes, coconut, cold brew coffee

Blue Ocean Limeade

Our partners at Monin have developed a tart and tangy drink that is an eye-catching shade of blue, thanks to the addition of blue curacao syrup.  


Give it a try and tweet us your pics at @HBC_Community!


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Topics: Recipes, coconut, Lime juice

Frosted Coconut Limeade

It's never too early in the year for a taste of summer -- you'll get it with this coconut and citrus combo from our partners Monin.

Give it a try and tweet us your pics at @HBC_Community!

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Topics: Recipes, coconut, lime

Banana Colada

Here is a variation on the classic piña colada that substitutes banana for the pineapple in the standard recipe. Another star here is the cream of coconut; a canned mixture of coconut milk, sugar, and other ingredients is used as a flavoring for tropical drinks and desserts. 

Perhaps this recipe will finally knock the Kahlua® Colada off its throne as the most popular blog post!


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Topics: Beverage, Recipes, rum, colada, coconut, banana

Virgin Miami Vice

This delicious tropical drink from Maran Illustrated Bartending uses the favorite flavors of South Beach cocktails—cocounut, pineapple and citrus.

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Topics: Virgin Drinks, Mocktails, Featured, Feature, Beverage, coconut, pineapple, Miami, Tropical drinks

Baby Kale Piña Colada Smoothie

This smoothie uses kale and relies on only natural sugars. It's a great post-workout meal but tastes like a beach drink.

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Topics: Smoothies, Featured, Feature, Frozen Drinks, Beverage, coconut, pineapple, Blended drinks, kale

Scotch Smoothie

As we head into the New Year, here's a new recipe for you to try.

This grown-up smoothie is really a boozy milkshake, containing ice cream, cream of coconut, scotch, Bailey's Irish Cream® and almond liqueur. Suggest it as a dessert drink to customers who like their sweets with a kick. 



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Topics: Smoothies, Dessert drinks, Ice cream, Boozy Milkshakes, Featured, Feature, Frozen Drinks, Beverage, Recipes, coconut, scotch, Baileyʼs, Blended drinks

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