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Strawberry Espresso

Switch up your coffee offering with this variation on a classic blended espresso drink. Strawberries and whole milk combine with espresso to brighten up the palate. Add this to your menu and let us know how it goes...


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Topics: Coffee, Beverage, Recipes, strawberry

Creamy Arctic Cappuccino

As a sweet treat for the designated driver, the Creamy Arctic Cappuccino is bound to please. It's also simple to make, requiring just three ingredients.

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Topics: Non-alcoholic, Coffee, Featured, Feature, Frozen Drinks, Beverage, Cappuccino, Frozen Coffee Drinks

Frozen Irish Coffee

In celebration of St. Patrick's Day -- an occasion that has evolved into a huge party here in the States -- we present a variation on the classic Irish coffee recipe. 

If it's still unseasonably cold where you are, feel free to stick with the original.

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Topics: Coffee, Beverage, Recipes, whiskey

Simple Coffee Smoothie

This creamy coffee smoothie combines milk, a banana and coffee for a quick liquid breakfast that packs a punch.

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Topics: Smoothies, Coffee, Featured, Feature, Beverage, Recipes, Frozen Coffee Drinks, Blended drinks

Coffee Calypso

Happy New Year - welcome to 2015!

In the spirit of the season, we're here to give you a recipe you can offer that will help to take the edge off for those who reveled a little too well last night.

This hot, caffeinated cocktail combines three things everybody loves: coffee, chocolate and alcohol. The result is a tropic-tinged drink your customers will enjoy any time of year. For the best flavor, choose an upmarket brand of creme de cacao, such as Tempus Fugit.

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Topics: Coffee, Featured, Feature, Beverage, Recipes, rum, Kahlua

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