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Strawberry Festival Freeze

Creamy and tangy, the Strawberry Festival Freeze from our creative partners at Monin® is a great way to preview the two of the key flavors of summer, strawberry and lemonade.

Add it to your menu and tweet us your pics at @HBC_Community or tag @hamiltonbeachcommercial on Instagram

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Year-End Recap: Top 6 Posts for 2020 from the HBC Recipes Blog

We're not quite to the end of the year, but we are so ready to see the back of 2020 that we thought we'd get a head start on the recap. There is already one recipe post that is so far out in front that we're already calling it the #1 Recipe post for the year.  Surprising no one, Kahlua Colada tops the list!  It's got uncanny staying power, which means it had to be here somewhere...and we've expanded this list to feature a "Top 6".

Read on...and if you see content you like, be sure to join the HBC Community for regular updates, whether it's Beverage, Food, Hospitality or Recipes.

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Frozen Strawberry Basil Lemonade

Looking for a new twist on that summer classic, strawberry lemonade? Try this recipe from our partners at Monin®, which adds basil to amp up the sophistication of the flavor profile. 

Give it a try and tweet us your pics at @HBC_Community!

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Topics: Frozen Drinks, strawberry, lemonade, basil, high performance commercial blenders

Strawberry Frosé


Refreshing and frozen, give this recipe from Monin incorporating wine, lemonade and strawberry a try on your seasonal summer menu.

Tweet us your pics at @HBC_Community!

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Topics: Frozen Drinks, Recipes, strawberry, lemonade, rosé

Florentine Frizzante Smoothie

Add texture and flavor to your menu with this intriguing smoothie recipe from our partners at Kerry Foodservice.  Introducing balsamic vinegar, basil and soda into the mix changes up the flavor profile of a strawberry smoothie entirely. 

Give it a try and tweet us your pics at @HBC_Community and @KFSBrands!

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Topics: Recipes, strawberry, balsamic vinegar

Strawberry Daiquiri

Did you know that July 19th is National Daiquiri Day in the U.S.? Well, now you do! 

In honor of this refreshing cocktail -- of which we have discussed the origins here before -- we present a familiar strawberry version that may already be on your menu.

Try it yourselves and tweet us a photo @HBC_Community!


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Topics: Beverage, Recipes, daiquiri, rum, strawberry

Strawberry Fields

This week we celebrate Valentine's Day, and in honor of that, we present a treat featuring fresh strawberries...the Beatles reference is just a bonus.

Give it a try and tweet us your pics at @HBC_Community!

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Topics: Beverage, Recipes, orange, strawberry, banana, juice, cranberry

Strawberry Espresso

Switch up your coffee offering with this variation on a classic blended espresso drink. Strawberries and whole milk combine with espresso to brighten up the palate. Add this to your menu and let us know how it goes...


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Topics: Coffee, Beverage, Recipes, strawberry

Berry Blast

Here's another recipe featuring sherbet to help you cool down - this time with rainbow sherbet, something that has to be seen rather than described.  Add in some lemon-lime soda for a texture change, and tell us how you like it in the comments below.


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Topics: Beverage, Recipes, strawberry, banana, blueberry, sherbet

Tropical Shannon

Hard to believe we're heading into August already!

From those of us in Richmond, VA who can't get away to the tropics for a break, we send this refreshing drink with "tropical" in the name that uses an old summer staple in here in the American South, orange sherbet.  


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Topics: Smoothies, Beverage, Recipes, strawberry, pineapple, sherbet

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