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EXPEDITOR™ Yorkshire Pudding

Yorkshire pudding is a classic English dish that is considered a rite of passage for the aspiring cook, has an official ruling by the Royal Society of Chemistry on its height requirements, and even has its own holiday (in both the UK and the US)

The best recipes recommend measuring ingredients by weight to get the right ratios and produce the best results, and our version is no different. 

Visit culinaryblenders.com today to see the video for this recipe and to download a copy of the recipe eBook


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Fresh Garden Salsa

A great-tasting fresh salsa keeps customers coming back for more. With a high-performance commercial culinary blender, making fresh salsa is a snap—20 seconds or less of blending time. It's easy to experiment with smooth and chunky versions simply by adjusting the blending time and speed. 

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Cassis Sauce

Cassis sauce is excellent with sliced fresh peaches, ice cream or cake. While traditionally made with blackberries, it can also be made with olallieberries. When your customers ask, "What's an olallieberry?" tell them it's a hybrid cousin to both blackberries and raspberries.

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Beef and Okra Bamia

Provided by our partners in Singapore, JELCO, they featured this recipe at their booth during the FoodAsia2016 show at the Singapore Expo in April. 

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Bhagari Jhinga (Indian Stir-Fried Shrimp in Cream Sauce)

Provided by our partners in Singapore, JELCO, this delicious seafood dish was featured during the FoodAsia2016 show at the Singapore Expo in April. 

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Topics: Culinary blenders, Seafood, Singapore

Rendang Daging (Spicy Beef/Chicken Stew with Coconut)

Provided by our partners in Singapore, JELCO, this dish was featured during the FoodAsia2016 show at the Singapore Expo in April. It brings together several flavors that will be familiar to Indian cuisine aficionados and adds another layer of flavor.   

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Yellow Pepper Vegan Hollandaise

Executive Chef Ron Pickarski has been combining vegetarian dishes and classical French techniques for decades. Classical French cooking is based on the canon of the five mother sauces: espagnole, velouté, béchamel, tomato and hollandaise. Pickarski adapts the same sauces to use in his cooking. With a food blender, he makes hollandaise with vegan margarine, roasted yellow pepper and tofu, all blended with lemon, salt and pepper. The beauty of this vegan hollandaise is that it can easily be heated or reheated to serve, he says: "You can't do that with a traditional hollandaise. Once you make it and heat it you have to keep emulsifying it."

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Papaya Seed Dressing

Using a powerful high-performance commercial culinary blender is the key to emulsifying the ingredients, resulting in a smooth and satiny texture. This Hawaiian-inspired salad dressing is a fresh accompaniment to greens or citrus.

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Green Onion and Cilantro Butter

This tangy butter is the perfect finishing touch to Southwestern-inspired menu items. Serve over pork tenderloin, grilled corn or fish.

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Vegetable Purees

Freshly made vegetable purees serve as a versatile base for hundreds of dishes. For vegetable soup, for instance, combine vegetable puree with enough chicken or beef stock to make a soupy mixture. Gently heat in saucepan until warmed through.

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