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Greek Spinach Salad

Greek Spinach Salad is a refreshing dish for a hot summer day. Prepare the spinach ahead of time by washing and storing it in plastic bags. The cucumbers can be pre-marinated in the dressing, which gives them an additional zest. Feta cheese, an important ingredient in many Greek dishes, is added both to the greens and to the dressing. Pine nuts top the salad as a garnish. Serve with crusty French bread and chilled white wine.


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Green Garden Soup

Popeyeʼs addiction to spinach may be due to the fact that it is a rich source of iron as well as vitamins A and C. We've found another application -- a soup that is warming in the colder winter months we're heading into here in the Northern Hemisphere.

For this recipe, it's important to remember that fresh spinach is gritty and must be thoroughly rinsed. We've included an option for frozen spinach below if that is your preference.

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Ultimate Breakfast Smoothie

This Ultimate Breakfast Smoothie is perfect for the customer who's always running out the door with his briefcase in one hand and checking his phone with the other. This smoothie contains a banana, an avocado, blueberries and spinach—more than five servings of fruits and vegetables in a single cup.

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