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Year-End Recap: Top 6 Posts for 2018 from the HBC Recipes Blog

We're not quite to the end of the year, but there's one post that is so far out in front that we're already calling it the #1 Recipe post for the year.  Surprising no one, Kahlua Colada tops the list!  It's been the #1 post several times again this year, which means it had to be here somewhere...and we've expanded this list to the "Top 6" as well.   

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Topics: Recipes, mint, Kahlua, mocha, pumpkin, egg nog

Merry Mint Mocha Frappe Recipe

Another seasonal favorite from our partners, Kerry Foodservice...but enjoy this Merry Mint Mocha Frappe anytime!
Kerry Merry Mint Mocha Frappe

Give it a try and tweet us your pics at @HBC_Community and @KFSBrands!


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Topics: Recipes, mocha, vanilla, holiday, frappe, peppermint

Divine Mocha Serenity

The Divine Mocha Serenity is a chocolate smoothie reminiscent of the classic ice cream truck fudgsicle. The recipe comes from Justin Maddra, winner of the Hamilton Beach Commercial Smoothie Contest. It's simple to whip up and perfect for customers with a sweet tooth. 

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