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Frozen Wildberry Mojito

Refreshing and tart, cool off this summer with this frozen wildberry mojito recipe from our partners at Monin®. 

Give it a try and tweet us your pics at @HBC_Community!

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Topics: Mojito, Frozen Drinks, mint, Lime juice, high performance commercial blenders

Year-End Recap: Top 6 Posts for 2018 from the HBC Recipes Blog

We're not quite to the end of the year, but there's one post that is so far out in front that we're already calling it the #1 Recipe post for the year.  Surprising no one, Kahlua Colada tops the list!  It's been the #1 post several times again this year, which means it had to be here somewhere...and we've expanded this list to the "Top 6" as well.   

Read on...and if you see content you like, be sure to join the HBC Community for regular updates, whether it's Beverage, Food, Hospitality or Recipes.

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Topics: Recipes, mint, Kahlua, mocha, pumpkin, egg nog

Mango Mint Smoothie

Our partners at Kerry have developed this smoothie recipe to incorporate two flavors that complement each other very well, mango and mint. Adding soda water gives the texture an interesting tweak.

Give it a try and tweet us your pics at @HBC_Community and @KFSBrands!



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Topics: Smoothies, Recipes, mint, mango

Kaffir Lime and Mint

As we get closer to summer here in the U.S., we're checking out some of the more refreshing recipes from our partners at Monin. This one features that continual favorite of combinations, citrus and mint, this time featuring kaffir lime for a different take on the standard.


Give it a try and tweet us your pics at @HBC_Community!


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Topics: Frozen Drinks, Recipes, mint, kaffir lime

Bolivian Mojito

While the traditional mojito is made with rum, this one uses the only liqueur derived from the coca leaf—AGWA de Bolivia Coca Leaf Liquor.

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Topics: Cocktails, Featured, Feature, Mojito, Bolivia, Beverage, mint, liqueur, lime

Lime-Mint Dressing

Lime and mint lend a tropical spark to any dish. Offer this flavorful dressing with mixed green salad, or use it to create a fresh take on grilled chicken or shrimp.

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Topics: Featured, Feature, Food, Recipes, mint, dressing, lime, juice, dijon

Ice Cream Sandwich

Even grownups like an indulgent ice cream treat every now and then.

This frozen cocktail combines the vanilla ice cream and chocolate wafer of the traditional ice cream sandwich with a little mint schnapps for a kick. Offer it to customers as a dessert drink or boozy milkshake.

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Topics: Boozy Milkshakes, Featured, Feature, Frozen Drinks, Beverage, Recipes, chocolate, mint, schnapps, dessert, Blended drinks

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