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Creamy Arctic Cappuccino

10:06 AM on July 26, 2017

Creamy_Actic_CappuccinoAs a sweet treat for the designated driver, the Creamy Arctic Cappuccino is bound to please. It's also simple to make, requiring just three ingredients.


Creamy Arctic Cappuccino

3 oz. chilled espresso 

3 oz. whipped cream

1/2 tsp. sugar 
(or made to the guest’s taste)

Combine all ingredients in a high performance blender with ½ scoop of crushed ice.  Blend until smooth.


We're always looking for new recipes, ideas, and stories to share with our friends and partners in the business.  If you have a virgin drink recipe that you would like us to feature, please submit here.  The best stories will reference your name and establishment and garner national and potentially international exposure.  

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