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Hospitality Trend Watch: Outdoor Adventure Hotels in the U.S.

If glamping is luxury camping for indoorsy people, then Field Station is its natural extension: a low-frills hotel for outdoorsy people.

A new hospitality concept from AutoCamp, Field Station promises “an all-in-one gear, food and lodging experience” that serves as a launching point for outdoor adventure. Picture simple, spacious rooms with extra storage, on-site equipment rentals and service, and educational programming.

What’s behind this new hospitality trend? Let’s take a dive into the emerging niche of outdoor adventure hotels.

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Guestroom of the Future Revisited: Hospitality Trends for 2025 & Beyond

Tomorrow’s hotel guestroom is small and sustainable, pretty and personalized. It might look like an office; it might just be a chill place to crash. It might not have a closet, but it will definitely keep the in-room coffeemaker

Hospitality has changed in remarkable ways over the last decade, as major brands have jostled to introduce boutique-y brands, attract the Instagram generation and keep up with the global tourism boom. What does the future hold? These are the hospitality trends we believe have staying power over the next five-plus years.

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The 2020 Guestroom: Hospitality Trends of the Future

The future looks rosy for the hospitality industry. Growth forecasts continue to be strong. Tourism numbers are booming worldwide. And as travel becomes easier, swifter and more reliant on technology, hotels are striving to keep pace.  

“What’s happened over the last three to five years, and what we expect over the next two or three, are unlike what we’ve seen in this industry before,” Heather Balsley, SVP of global marketing mainstream brands for InterContinental Hotels Group, said at the 2018 Hunter Hotels Conference. Here’s a look at some hospitality trends that promise to reshape the industry.

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Behind the Scenes at Marriott’s M Beta Hotel

When guests enter the Charlotte Marriott City Center, “they’re just jaw-dropped,” says General Manager Crissy Wright. It’s not only that it’s pretty, or that it’s modern — this hotel is the future of Marriott. Called M Beta, it’s the world’s first hotel innovation incubator, a working laboratory for testing new hospitality industry trends. 

Since M Beta opened in October 2016, what has this ambitious experiment revealed? Hamilton Beach Commercial spoke with Wright to find out.

A meeting room at Charlotte Marriott City Center -  all images courtesy of Marriott and published with permission.


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Hotel Trend Watch: The Rise of Poshtels

Hard bunkbeds. Grimy showers. Loud roommates.

For most people, the word “hostel” brings back decades-old memories of backpacking in Europe or surf-bumming around Costa Rica. Savvy travelers, however, know that hostels have a new face. “Poshtels” offer chic décor, fun bars and hotel-like amenities. And they’re making inroads in the United States. Find out how hostels fit into 2017’s competitive hotel market.

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Hotel Trend Watch: Hands-On Workshops for Guests

The idea of learning something new while on vacation is nothing new. Hotel guests have been perfecting their golf swings and swirling wines for decades. But there’s a new trend among hotels to offer ever more in-depth and hands-on learning. At hotels around the country, you can live your fantasy of becoming an artist, or a British pastry chef, or a master mixologist — even if only for a day.

Here are 10 hotels offering creative, hands-on workshops guests won’t soon forget.

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